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FUDx Social Game

FUDx Social Game Description.
NFT Owners use their NFT as a citizen to play FUDx Social Game.
The FUDx Social is a virtual miniature society that is comprised of "Business" and "Citizen". Each is rich in its characteristics, and waiting to be explored.
Business: Similar to the real Wall Street, Businesses are the most important and valuable resources in the URF Social. Issued as non-fungible tokens (NFT), Businesses can be owned through the bidding method.
Citizen: Each NFT in FXC NFT Collection is shown as a Citizen. NFT will be minted using $FXC, a part will be airdropped in special events. The duties of citizens are divided as follows:
  • Immortal: In charge as Manager of Tier 1 Businesses: Bank, Investment Fund, Corporation
  • Epic: In charge as Manager of Tier 2 Businesses: V.I.P Club, Art Gallery, Movie Theater
  • Rare: In charge as Manager of Tier 3 Businesses: Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Supermarket
  • Common: In charge as Employee of Businesses Players who have not owned NFT can join Uranium Finance Social as Guests.
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