FUDx Coin

FUDx Coin

$FXC description.
$FXC is a BEP-20 token that rewards its holders with automatic passive interest payments per block (every 15 minutes) over the lifespan of 12 years until the maximum supply of 10 Million tokens has been reached.
​ Is $FXC just another Titano Fork?
We have used the concept of Titano, Libero, Safuu, etc...
But their system including smart contracts has many flaws and unstable things such as EOA, high gas usage, big price drop at adding LP, etc. So we have referenced Safuu's code to use the concept, and refined/ reconstructed code to fix their flaws and to have a more stable system.
We also have several proprietary mechanisms in place that we have created ourselves which offer many improvements over our competition such as
  • The asset-backed Fund (FXC)
  • The FXC Treasury
  • NFT Collection
  • FUDx Social Game
  • The Bonfire
  • URF Balance Auto-Liquidity Engine (BALE)
  • Long-term Interest Mechanism (LIM)
And safeguards are in place to secure against malicious hack attempts.